Reviews of other blogs

i see a lot of blogs about politics, and i am not much of a politics person…. so none of these will be political blogs.

the first blog that caught my attention was about country music, so i clicked further. then i was dissappointed to see it was only 5 short sentences with a picture of george strait. i was interested to read the persons experience but didn’t end up getting their full opinion.

this is a helpful blog that tells you how to improve your online persona. it also tells you that having a blog boosts social capital. it actually tells you to create a blog or online profile. the background helps with the theme of the blog. the colors are very neutral and gives it a very professional vibe.

this is a feminists page. i found this one to be the most interesting of the three blogs that i analyzed. i’m not a fan of the way the person approached the issue it seemed that she was trying to pick a fight. i agree that people should not be rude in comments but everyone is entitled to their opinion. if she doesn’t want people to express their own opinion she should not give them something to express their opinion about. i myself am a feminist to an extent, i believe women can do everything men can do. i know there are people who think otherwise and they are entitled to that opinion.


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